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Texas Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Statistics show that a motorcycle operator has less than two seconds on average to avoid a collision in a motorcycle accident. With odds that extreme, it’s no wonder that over 6,000 individuals are injured in motorcycle accidents each year in Texas. But what causes a motorcycle accident, anyway? Can most motorcycle accidents be prevented?motorcycle accident attorneys

Collision is far and away from the highest contributor to motorcycle accidents in this country, with up to ¾ of all cases involving a motorcycle colliding with a passenger vehicle. However, the reasons for this can vary. The motorcyclist can commit an error in judgment, passing inappropriately or failing to brake. Inexperienced and untrained bikers are more likely to make poor decisions that lead to vehicle collisions. However, often the fault lies with negligent or inexperienced drivers of passenger vehicles who are not sure how to share the road with motorcyclists.

Roadway Defects
While we all wish we could drive on smooth, well-maintained roads, the reality is often anything but. Motorcyclists, who lack the protection of a passenger vehicle, are even more susceptible to variances in road texture, poor road design, and obstacles such as construction or potholes. Some roads are simply badly designed, and poor maintenance can lead to or exacerbate problems like uneven terrain, missing guardrails, or insufficient signage.

Weather Conditions
Weather can create adverse driving conditions for motorcyclists and contribute to or cause accidents. For example, rain or fog can dramatically reduce visibility and make for slick roads, while ice can lead to treacherous driving conditions that challenge even the most experienced driver.

Given the experience and confidence necessary to safely operate a motorcycle, education and training is the best way to prevent motorcycle accidents. An educated driver will have better judgment and can practice execution and technique to prevent errors like sliding out and failure to brake. In addition, driver education campaigns can make passenger vehicle drivers more aware of their surroundings and able to share the road safely with motorcyclists. Unfortunately, the reality is that motorcycles are a dangerous mode of transportation. Accidents can, and all to often, do.

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