Questions About Your Accident Injury Case

Questions About Your Accident Injury Case

There have been questions addressed to vehicle accident attorneys over the years, and such questions are very important in a lawsuit or settlement of a personal injury case. The fundamental question is – why do injury cases take a long time to settle? If you ask a personal injury attorney, the answer is simple and straight to the point. When one has been harmed, the lawyer can’t resolve a case until an analysis is supplied to him. What do we mean by prognosis? That’s the prediction of the probable course of an injury provided by medical professionals. No matter what the injury case may be, whether it’s a broken leg, broken arm, smashed wrist, or other severe orthopedic injuries, it usually requires at least 1 year and six months before the professional will be in a situation to suggest what the future course will be like. You and your lawyer must meet this requirement because it will add more value and significance to your case. More here

You can’t negotiate a case a year after the accident. You must wait for a longer time. But usually, these cases will take 2½ years to settle with an experienced attorney. Good lawyers can do this with a committed team who will concentrate on your case throughout the period. They will file cases 6 months sooner than the usual time period. You could begin a case within six months if you spoke to a reasonable attorney when the accident happened. An expert will help you plan and work things out ahead of time so that the resolution of your case will not be prolonged. After the lawsuit, the statement of claim will be posted, after which there will be the declaration of defense and assessment of updates. Within a couple of years from the accident, arbitration materialized. At this stage, you should realize that these cases don’t work like magic, and you will need a working system with your lawyer to get things done in the shortest time possible. With efficiency, hard work, determination, synergy, and help from your attorney, you will be able to push your case to the next stage. It is also important to note that some cases take a lot of time to process and still depend upon the circumstances involved. If your injury is substantial, like a brain injury, it could sometimes take 4 or 5 years to resolve. The litigation procedure is long. But good teamwork with an expert vehicle accident attorney will take your case one stage further.

Truck Accident Scene Reconstruction San Antonio

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Truck Accident Scene Reconstruction San Antonio

When reconstructing truck accidents, aerial photography can prove to be a highly persuasive measure to convince jurors of the plaintiff’s case in truck accident litigation. Aerial photographs provide a very clear perspective on how a truck accident happened by showing an easily understood view of the crash scene. Moreover, aerial pictures can prove pivotal in assisting experts in developing their opinions about the missteps of the truck driver and his truck that led to the tragic harm caused to the victims.

What is Aerial Photography?
An aerial photo is, rather simply, a photo taken from the air, typically in a helicopter hovering above a crash scene. The photo is shot is taken directly over a key area, with a specialized camera. The aerial photo provides a birds-ey view of a truck crash. Aerial photos are sometimes referred to as vertical photos.

How Does Accident Mapping Work?
With aerial photographs, accident reconstruction experts can map an accident by overlaying the vertical (aerial) photos with the horizontal photos taken of the scene of the crash before the scene was cleaned up. This mapping enables the experts to digitize the scene layout for use in animation. This animation can be extremely impressive and demonstrative to any prospective jurors in a truck accident case.

Aerial Photography to Document Truck Crash Scenes
In most instances, by the time your investigators arrive at a truck crash scene, that scene has been altered. Oftentimes, the evidence has been removed or lost, making the recreation of that crash sequence much more difficult. The use of aerial photography allows truck accident lawyers and their experts to recreate the entire scene, documenting the roads and the surrounding environment.

In most, if not all, fatal truck accidents, specialized police officers are able to document very accurately the speed, location, and direction of travel of the vehicles at the time of the collision. These police officers look at the measurements of the skid marks and gouge marks to indicate the point of and the resting point of the vehicles after the truck crash. Based on this key evidence, aerial photographs can show in a highly visual and comprehensible way a host of key facts: the area of the direction of travel of the truck, the direction of travel of the victim’s vehicle, the points of braking, the point of impact and point of rest of both vehicles.

When these crucial elements are clearly plotted on an aerial photograph, truck accident attorneys can easily walk jurors through the facts that clearly delineate the causes leading to the truck crash.

In summary, aerial photography provides a highly accurate basis for evidence recreation and documentation, scene analysis, and reconstruction. Arial photographs make excellent demonstrative evidence for courtroom displays to show to the jury how the collision occurred and the truck driver’s fault in causing it.

Of course, I have used aerial photography in a number of my firm’s truck accident cases. If you’re an attorney with a truck case, I’d be more than willing to discuss how I used aerial photography successfully and how you might use it in your own case.

Three Rivers Personal Injury Law – 18 Wheeler Accidents

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Truck Accident Lawyer – The Help You Need

A truck accident lawyer is a very important source of help for someone who has been involved in a truck accident. Truck accidents are far scarier than car accidents; they are also more likely to be fatal.
18 wheeler accident lawyers 3 rivers Texas

Truck Accidents: The Figures

The rates of truck accidents are far less frightening than the rates of car accidents but they are far more dangerous for the cars involved. Texas had the highest total of fatal truck accidents, at a record of over 500. Other states with large numbers of fatal truck accident incident rates include California and Florida.

Unfortunately, as car accident rates are experiencing declines in certain states, most states experience constantly increasing numbers of truck accidents. Also, most truck accidents are fatal; in fact, frighteningly so, only 4% of the truck accidents led to only injury and property damages.

Around 68% of the most fatal truck accidents occur in rural areas, mostly in the daytime and on weekdays. Also, 76% involved combination vehicles or trucks that collide with other vehicles. In total, truck accidents accounted for 9% of all traffic accidents that led to deaths. Further studies also showed that the majority of fatalities, at 65%, involved drivers, and 31% passengers, 3% pedestrians, and 2% bicyclists.

Fifty percent of truck accidents happened at the front portion of trucks; this percentage accounts for more than 2,300 accidents. Other accidents involved the left side at 382 times, the right side at 188 times, and the rear at 720 times. During the same year, 608 caused large truck rollovers.

As for the causes of truck accidents, the trends are very different from what is observed in car accidents. Driving under the influence is a leading cause of car accidents but accounts for only 1% of fatal truck accidents. When it comes to truck accidents, most are related to speeding, which accounts for about 27% of fatal truck crashes. More on this website

How Deals with Truck Accidents

Truck driving and truck accidents are governed by federal and state laws. Truck operators and owners should be aware of these laws. But if you get into a truck accident without an idea of the laws regarding truck accidents, you should seek the help of a truck accident lawyer. State laws differ per state, but federal laws apply to all states. These emphasize on the number of hours of required rest and sleep time for truck drivers as well as the insurance coverage.

Trucks are often operated by a driver but owned by a different party. This leads to some special considerations as to which party to sue when a truck accident occurs. A truck accident lawyer can help you determine your best move when making a claim. You can sue not just the operator or driver but also the owner regardless of whether he/she was present at the time of the accident.

There are, however, certain exceptions as to when this can be done. For example, laws exempt a long-term lessor of an automobile from lawsuits involving accidents. Thus, in such cases, you may sue the lessee of the truck whether or not he/she was driving during the crash. big rig accident law

Texas has laws that govern driver negligence cases. An anti-cell phone bill is in place following a truck accident that involved cell phone use of the driver of an 18-wheeler truck.

Finding a Good Truck Accident Lawyer

If you want to successfully claim damages following a truck accident, you should get help from a truck accident lawyer. It is important for you to look for a truck accident lawyer with knowledge and experience in personal injury claims. Truck accidents often lead to personal injury, so if the accident involves injury, you will be more successful in making claims if you work with a personal injury lawyer.

In choosing a good truck accident lawyer, it is also important to base your choice on the experience and the reputation of a lawyer. A lot of personal injury lawyers tend to use emotional appeals in advertising, but remember that these advertisements do not promote the skill and the success rates of the lawyers. If you want to make successful claims, work with a knowledgeable truck accident lawyer who can protect your rights and fight for your compensation.

The Verdict

Truck accidents are more fatal than car accidents, so their effects can be especially difficult for victims to handle and overcome. Thus, enlisting the help of a truck accident lawyer can take a huge burden off your shoulders.

Texas has special laws regarding truck accidents in the state, and only a Texas-based lawyer can give you exactly the help you need.