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What should You do after a car accident?

• Stay calm and keep you, your car, and others out of further danger
• Obtain the full names, addresses and driver’s license numbers of all drivers
• Obtain the full names and addresses of all the passengers, pedestrians and witnesses
• Call the police (even in cases of minor accidents) to have proof of the accident and allow for an immediate investigation of the collision
• If any driver appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, notify police or emergency personnel
• Take pictures of the accident scene

• Take notes of the following:

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o The exact date, time and location of the accident and the directions that each vehicle was traveling
o The registered owners of each vehicle
o Whether all the vehicles are insured and the insurance company names and policy numbers
o Whether anyone reported injury after the accident or said “I’m not hurt”
o Whether anyone received medical attention at the scene
o Whether any vehicles were towed
o Whether anyone accepted responsibility by giving an explanation of the cause of the accident (you should never accept responsibility at the scene without knowing all the information you need)
o Whether any of the drivers were working at the time of the collision and if so, for what company

• Seek immediate medical attention if you feel any pain (and even if you feel okay). Identify all your complaints to your doctors, being as specific as possible. The slightest pain can be a sign of a bigger problem. Identifying it as soon as possible will allow your doctor to take the appropriate measures.
• Contact your own insurance company to report the accident as required by most auto insurance companies. If asked to make a recorded statement, avoid doing so until you consult with an attorney

If contacted by the other side’s insurance company, do not talk to them and NEVER given an oral statement. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT THIS WEBSITE