Do You Need an Insurance Lawyer? Our Law Firm can Help

Do You Need an Insurance Lawyer? our Law Firm can Help

If you have ever been injured in some kind of accident, then you have probably thought about filing an insurance claim. It’s also possible you already have filed a claim and it was denied. Or maybe compensation was offered, but it fell woefully short of covering your expenses, not to mention your time “riding herd” on the claim, or getting reimbursed for the time you lost from work or other tertiary expenses you felt you were rightfully owed. A sad fact of life in these United States is that denied and undervalued insurance claims are as prevalent as fleas on a dog. But what happens when the majority of insurance companies are concerned with one thing only: their own profits.personal injury attorneys

It makes no difference if the insurance company is a corporation that is owned by stockholders and investment portfolios or a mutual fund company that is controlled by its’ policyholders. Everything is all about dollars and cents. But if you changed the spelling of the last word to “sense” that might better describe the experience of dealing with these irascible companies: as in “they act like they have no sense.” And from your perspective, you would be right. What most insurance companies have is greed and plenty of it!

For decades, our Law Firm has practiced personal injury law in Texas and throughout the U.S. Through our experiences, we have witnessed countless honest and valid insurance claims be denied by these policy underwriters simply because they thought (or hoped) they would get away with it. We have also encountered thousands of people who fail to file their rightful coverage claims properly, or represented themselves when they were clearly out of their element. Maybe a relative or friend with limited knowledge of personal injury law offered to “help” them. Or maybe they visited a “free legal advice” Web site held by some recent law school graduate that talked a mean game but ended up being more “sizzle than steak.”

All of the above scenarios have one thing in common. Most of the time, they usually mean you do not receive the full amount of compensation you deserve. When we need a personal injury attorney who knows how to fight greedy insurance companies, there are many avenues to find one. But are you going to roll the dice and play their game on their playing field? Aren’t results in your mission? Is keeping all that money worth the risk of coming away with virtually nothing?car accident attorneys

The truth is that dealing with a claim is an intricate process. Insurance companies use that very complexity to their advantage. Every day, carriers regularly deny an insurance claim: then cite some obscure technicality while they tell you that your claim will not be reconsidered. But most of the time this arbitrary ruling is not always accurate as-pertains to your case. Experienced insurance lawyers with our Law Firm are here to tell you how we can help you receive the appropriate compensation you deserve from your insurance claim: even after we collect our modest fee.

Put our years of experience to work for you if you want to know what your rights are, how to proceed with your claim and how much compensation you can win from your personal injury case. Regardless of how it happened, we’ll answer all of your questions. Call our Law Firm now at 1(800) 862-1260 (toll-free) for a free consultation and find out how we can help you.