Bankruptcy Lawyer And Other Legal Jobs That Require Minimal Time In The Courtroom

If you have a degree in law, but are either suffering from burnout in your current vocation as a lawyer, just want to try something new, or you are a recent graduate who can’t find work as a lawyer in the ever-tightening job market, all hope is not lost. Because of its focus on law and negotiation skills, a law degree opens the door to many more career opportunities than most other degrees. These careers don’t involve courtrooms and trials, and most of them are very well paid positions, too. It is also important to note that not all practice areas will put you keep you in the courtroom on a daily basis. Practice areas like business law, patent law and bankruptcy law (for Bankruptcy in Maui, the previous link is an excellent example) will allow you to be a lawyer and handle much of your business outside of the courtroom.

Employment Benefits Manager

As an employment benefits manager, your job will be to create or modify, and maintain, the entire benefits package of a corporation. The fact that there are so many local, state and federal laws surrounding benefits that must be interpreted and followed makes you a much more viable candidate for the position than most others. As an employment benefits manager you would currently earn an average of$89,456 a year.

Banking and Finance Advisor

With a law degree, you are a shoo-in for finance or banking because the finance sector essentially deals in nothing but law. In the areas of taxes, estates, and business finance, your law degree would make you a perfect fit. Of course, there are a number of occupations to explore in this field, so the salary earned can vary. However, the current average salary of a financial advisor is$83,000 a year.

Politics and Government

If you’re looking for a career that’s a bit nobler, entering politics or working for the government are great options. Law graduates have the opportunity to effect change through policy when working for the government, and, as a politician, you will be center stage in putting those changes into effect. Unfortunately, there’s no way to gauge the salary since this is such a broad category.


Obviously no law degree is required to become a mediator, but your knowledge of and comfort with the law will prove to be very effective in this profession. As a mediator you will put to use the negotiation skills you developed in law school. The pay scale for a mediator can vary pretty significantly, depending on the industry in which you work. However, mediators in the legal services sector currently average around$114,000 a year.


This one is fairly obvious, but with a law degree you can teach at just about any level. Of course, you may have to seek teaching credentials, but a career as a teacher or professor can be very rewarding. If you choose to become a law professor, it’s also pretty lucrative. The current median salary for a law professor is$111,607 a year.

These represent just a handful of the opportunities available to those who hold law degrees. As someone who is trained in and comfortable with interpreting law, as well as the art of negotiation, you will stand out from the rest of the applicants in nearly every professional field.