Helping Victims of Workplace Injury – Personal Injury Law

Helping Victims of Workplace Injury

Our jobs are a very important part of how we spend a great many hours of our week and are crucial to our livelihood and financial stability. But what happens when we sustain an injury at the workplace? Who stands responsible? Literally millions of people sustain injuries – from minor to life-changing – on the job each year. Thousands of these result in extremely serious afflictions and even death. Laws are in place to protect workers and you can find out more if you have been affected by a workplace injury by contacting a personal injury accident attorneys

The circumstances leading up to your injury will have a great deal to do with how you may approach receiving the compensation you deserve. In many cases, worker’s compensation will be the only avenue down which to pursue benefits, but if a third party was involved in the injury, you may also be able to file a civil personal injury lawsuit against them for financial damages as well. After receiving proper medical care from an approved provider, keeping well-documented records of the incident, you should procure excellent legal help to ensure that your rights and best interests are protected.

Workers’ Comp Lawyer

If you have been the victim of a workplace accident that resulted in an injury such as an amputation, you should not hesitate to contact an attorney experienced in the laws pertaining to workers’ compensation. By working with a lawyer that you can trust, you can take the necessary steps towards filing a workers’ comp claim. By seeking this avenue of action, a workers’ comp lawyer can help you to understand such issues as work comp benefits and medical treatment and what can be done should you be forced to deal with a denied claim.

The rights of injured workers should never be violated and the right lawyer will be able to help ensure that yours are not. No matter if you are an airport worker, a FEDEX or UPS employee or the employee of another company, if you have been injured on the job, you have rights to just compensation that should not be ignored. Talk to an experienced lawyer today to learn more about what can be done to help you achieve your just outcome.

Our legal team is ready to assist those who have been injured on the job with caring and aggressive legal representation. With 40 years of collective experience, our lawyers are highly respected and have a track record of success. You can trust our firm to exhibit dedication and commitment to your case and to work tenaciously towards a full and just resolution.

Contact a work injury attorney as soon as possible for an important consultation. For more from our San Antonio Construction Accident Attorneys

Truck Accident Attorneys Texas – Personal Injury Law

Truck Accident Attorneys Texas

While all motorists are required to know the rules of the road before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle, truck drivers are in a very special situation. For one thing, the vehicle being driven is heavier and more cumbersome than an automobile, and if it is involved in accident it can cause more damage.

It is a more complex piece of machinery than an automobile and it takes greater expertise to understand how it operates and to drive it. On most occasions when being operated, it is engaged in a business purpose, and consequently the truck driver must abide by rules and regulations required by state and federal regulatory agencies and by state laws governing the operation of trucks and trailers.truck accident attorneys

Truck drivers spend more time on the highway than most any other type of drivers. Many of them engaged in long-distance hauling sleep in and live out of their trucks. These types of drivers, in particular, are under enormous pressure to deliver their cargo in a timely fashion.

They encounter every type of road hazard conceivable and weather conditions of the most extreme variety, requiring them to drive in a sharp, clear-headed fashion, or otherwise risk disaster.

A lapse of judgement or momentary carelessness translates too often into an accident.

Under the law, the truck driver’s act or failure to act may raise an interference of negligence or create a presumption of negligence.

On occasion, a truck driver’s negligence is so egregious that it reaches a different plateau in the realm of negligence classification and, depending upon the facts, the driver and his employer may be exposed to punitive damages. This conscious wrongdoing, traveling under the name of gross negligence or willful and wanton misconduct, constitutes negligence of a greater magnitude.

Its viability as a cause of action is becoming greater as attorneys begin paying increasing attention to such industry-wide problems as driver fatigue as a cause of accidents and the conscious decision by truck owners and shippers to insist on performance from the driver that cannot be accomplished without violating federal maximum driving hour regulations. Visit this website also

Carriers have been held liable in the following situations for other acts of improper loading which include overloading, traveling on the highway with a protruding load, and hauling a load that was too high:

A dump truck loaded with asphalt mix beyond its rated capacity rear-ended a car stopped in traffic. The court held that the company that overloaded the truck was liable for the plaintiff’s injuries.
There was a failure to display a red flag.
There was a failure to have lights burning at the rear of a load of pipe.
Triangular steel girders were transported in such a manner that there was eight feet of overload extending over the center line of the highway.
Carrying a load that was stacked too high in violation of state statute resulted in its striking an overpass, dropping into the highway, and causing a collision between the other motorists.
A shipment of steel beams protruding from the rear of a tractor-trailer was not secured with the proper number of chains required by federal safety regulations and lacked either a flag or lights, as required by state law.

We have recovered millions of dollars for wrongful death and severely injured victims from truck accidents. If you have lost a family member to a truck accident or you or your family have been injured by a truck accident, please call our office for a free consultation. More Information on this website

What should You do after a car accident? – Personal Injury Law

car accident attorneys

What should You do after a car accident?

• Stay calm and keep you, your car, and others out of further danger
• Obtain the full names, addresses and driver’s license numbers of all drivers
• Obtain the full names and addresses of all the passengers, pedestrians and witnesses
• Call the police (even in cases of minor accidents) to have proof of the accident and allow for an immediate investigation of the collision
• If any driver appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, notify police or emergency personnel
• Take pictures of the accident scene

• Take notes of the following:

auto accident attorneys
o The exact date, time and location of the accident and the directions that each vehicle was traveling
o The registered owners of each vehicle
o Whether all the vehicles are insured and the insurance company names and policy numbers
o Whether anyone reported injury after the accident or said “I’m not hurt”
o Whether anyone received medical attention at the scene
o Whether any vehicles were towed
o Whether anyone accepted responsibility by giving an explanation of the cause of the accident (you should never accept responsibility at the scene without knowing all the information you need)
o Whether any of the drivers were working at the time of the collision and if so, for what company

• Seek immediate medical attention if you feel any pain (and even if you feel okay). Identify all your complaints to your doctors, being as specific as possible. The slightest pain can be a sign of a bigger problem. Identifying it as soon as possible will allow your doctor to take the appropriate measures.
• Contact your own insurance company to report the accident as required by most auto insurance companies. If asked to make a recorded statement, avoid doing so until you consult with an attorney

If contacted by the other side’s insurance company, do not talk to them and NEVER given an oral statement. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT THIS WEBSITE