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“Instead of paying a $235 ticket…”

My case came up and never made it to trial. I was accused of doing 75 in a 50. The prosecutor came by to talk to me before trial. I spoke with her and told her I was prepared and had the pertinent case laws. She immediately asked if I would settle for a non-moving violation, which I did. Instead of paying a $235 ticket, 4 points on my license, and an increase in the cost of insurance, I ended up paying $30 court cost and a $20 ticket. Total $50–without a fight. I consider it a great deal.

Here’s what Case Dismissed will do:
Give you a proven, trial-tested defense strategy. Give you the background on how and why it works. Give you an idea of how the trial will proceed and what questions to ask. It is perfectly OK to read from your notes (or Case Dismissed printouts) in court. Give you the winning strategy that you will otherwise not have. Case Dismissed has detailed legal information and case law that has been painstakingly researched and compiled. Give you precedent-setting case law to use in your trial. (You’ll get the files. We’ll tell you which documents you need to print out and make 3 copies of: one for you, one for the judge and one for the prosecution.) These are documents you must have if you are to prevail. They help destroy the foundation of the evidence. There are different documents based on whether you were caught by laser, radar or trooper car pacing you. And we’ll show you how to research the very latest decisions.speeding fines attorneys

What it will not do:

Case Dismissed is focused solely on USA speeding tickets from radar, laser, or pacing. It does not cover photo tickets, VASCAR, traffic tickets, reckless driving, parking violations, or DUI. “It was worth every penny.”

Here’s how my case went. I was charged with 77 in a 55 and was facing a $155 fine plus the insurance going up. I was very prepared with all of the materials. When I went to court, I checked in and watched every single person plead guilty to a variety of charges reduced by plea bargains and were paying fines plus court costs. More about traffic ticket attorneys San Antonio here

There were so many cases, it was obvious the prosecutors were not prepared to have any trials at all. The Defendants table was so full of stacks of folders, there wasn’t anywhere for an attorney to even lay down papers even if there were a trial.

I remember you mentioning that if they offer a reduced charge, it would be better to accept it rather than antagonizing the prosecutor or judge. I felt that if they offered a reduced charge, the total with court costs may be as much as my original ticket so I was prepared to refuse and fight it anyway.

The prosecutor met me before I was called and saw that I was the only one in the courtroom with a suit and tie and that I was ready to go to trial.

He asked if I was an attorney. He then offered a reduced charge of no seat belt. The fine would be $25 with no court cost. I called my insurance company and they said it would no go against my insurance at all, so I agreed.

When I went before the judge and pleaded guilty to no seat belt, he first imposed a fine of $50 plus court costs. The prosecutor then told the judge the agreement was $25 and no court costs. The judge said ok and that was it.

I felt that being totally prepared for every possible contingency including the possibility of a plea bargain gave me the confidence that I would be able to avoid the high penalties. Thanks for your information. It was worth every penny.

OK, but can I really do this?
Yes you can. the strategies in the case dismissed by design for regular, average, everyday people. We don’t expect you to be a lawyer or a fancy talker. You have every right in the world to defend yourself in court. And you have every right in the world to acquire the information necessary for that defense. You are asking simple questions about the EVIDENCE. Not what the officer did. He could have done everything perfectly, and you will still get off.

100% No Questions Asked Money-Back Guarantee

If you read Case Dismissed and decide you don’t like it, you get your money back. And you get a full 60 days to decide.

There. Could that be any simpler? You can return it for any reason whatsoever.

How can I offer a guarantee like this? Actually, it’s simple. When you have a good product, people are happy to pay for it. And I know that the money you invest in Case Dismissed is a fraction of what a speeding ticket conviction will cost you now, and years from now, in insurance surcharges.

You see, there’s no reason for me to hide exactly how to get a refund. I want 100% satisfaction for all of my customers.

All I ask is that you read through it and think about how it will help you.

What Exactly Do You Get?
Case Dismissed is available for immediate download as a pdf file, viewable on virtually any computer with the free Adobe Acrobat reader.

Here’s what you instantly get:

The 55 page Case Dismissed ebook manual in pdf format viewable and printable on PC or Mac.

Additional files including case law from 43 relevant speeding/radar/laser cases.

Special precedent case law to print out and bring to trial – we tell you which cases to bring depending on what kind of ticket you have.

What to look for on your ticket (pg 7) Maybe there is a “fatal error”

Trial questions to use if you were caught by a pace car

Trial questions to use if you were caught by radar

Trial questions to use if you were caught by laser

How to take advantage of unprepared prosecution and not let them get away with postponing (pg 23)

Avoid these costly mistakes

Actual transcript of a trial in which Case Dismissed strategies were used (pg 50)

Strategy to beat tickets when there is no prosecutor

What is a Confidential Settlement?

There is so much that goes on in the personal injury lawsuit process that it can seem very strange to people who are not familiar with it. One of these is the confidential settlement agreement. Even though not all personal injury lawsuits result in settlements, and not all settlements are confidential, knowing what a confidential settlement is can help you understand how the personal injury lawsuit process works.personal injury attorneys - confidential settlements

Demand Letters, Lawsuits, Trials, and Settlements

When people get hurt they often visit a lawyer so they can file a lawsuit. But the personal injury lawsuit process doesn’t necessarily begin immediately thereafter. In many, if not most, personal injury cases, the case begins after your lawyer sends a demand letter to the defendant. (The defendant is the person or organization you believe caused your injuries.) The demand letter states the basis for any lawsuit you might file, explains the nature of your injuries, and asks the defendant to pay money in compensation.

If the defendant doesn’t agree to your demands, you can then file a lawsuit. After filing the lawsuit, both sides will begin the discovery process. During the discovery process, each side will try to uncover the facts of the case. After discovery ends and your case goes to trial, you will present evidence to try to show that the defendant is at fault for your injuries.

At any stage of this process, from the demand letter to before the trial ends, you and the defendant can agree to a settlement. Settlement agreements usually involve the defendant agreeing to pay you (the plaintiff) money, while you agree to drop your lawsuit and release the defendant from any further liability.

Settlement Agreements

When the two sides of a lawsuit agree to a settlement, they set out the terms in a document called the settlement agreement. For example, settlement agreements typically begin with a brief statement of the history of the lawsuit, then state the terms to which the two sides agree. The agreement will also state the exact amount of money the defendant agrees to pay and state that the plaintiff will agree to dismiss the lawsuit.

The agreement might also state what, if anything, either side of the lawsuit is allowed to say after they agree to the settlement terms. Settlement agreements that contain these restrictions are known as confidential settlements.

Confidential Settlements

A confidential settlement can place any number of restrictions on what the parties (defendant and plaintiff) can say about the case. For example, the confidential settlement agreement might state that the plaintiff cannot say how much money he or she won in the settlement. It might also state that the defendant does not admit to engaging in any wrongful activity and that the defendant is allowed to say so in any public statement they choose to make.

The terms of any settlement agreement, as well as the restrictions imposed by a confidentiality clause, can be very complicated. If you ever need advice about a potential settlement or have legal questions of any kind, you should speak with a personal injury attorney right away.

The Difficulty of Proving Medical Malpractice in Texas

Medical malpractice suits are similar to other personal injury cases in that they involve a plaintiff (you) suing a defendant for some injury. In order for a malpractice case to be successful, the plaintiff must prove that the defendant had an intended legal duty of care which was violated and resulted in the plaintiff’s injury. Simply put, medical professionals have a responsibility for the safety and treatment of their patients. When they shirk this responsibility, either intentionally or through a careless mistake, they are liable for their patients’ injuries.medical malpractice law

Many surgeons and anesthesiologists receive over 10 years of education and extremely rigorous certification in order to be qualified to safely operate on their patients. They are also supposed to acquire what is hoped will be a great sensitivity to their patients’ physical and emotional needs during that care. This is why society in-general demands that its medical professionals not only be knowledgeable when it comes to their ability to properly and correctly diagnose a patient, they must also sympathetically operate and then treat them without causing these vulnerable people any further injury or discomfort.

Like other tort cases, medical malpractice suits begin with discovery, which may include depositions, the gathering of documentation, and witness interviews. If the medical defendant and the surgically treated plaintiff cannot agree on a settlement during discovery, then the case will go to trial.

Medical malpractice cases frequently include expert witnesses due to the complexity of the material involved. They provide a point of view on the situation from the perspective of an expert in the field surrounding the injury.

Tort reform has made medical malpractice cases more difficult for victims to win. These new laws enforce strict conditions that must be met before a medical professional can be held liable for a victim’s injury. If your case is not presented in such a way that these conditions are met, you have as much chance of success as a snowball in a forest fire.

Without a team of legal experts, you will certainly, and quickly, find yourself overwhelmed.

No matter what the injury or illness, it’s bad enough to have to suffer through it under good circumstances. When you’re suffering even further because your medical professional has engaged in negligent malpractice, your physical and emotional pain is even harsher. We understand that you have a lot of questions as you try to find out if your doctor or medical professional has been negligent in your care. Some of your initial questions likely include:

Why did this happen and what negligence might have led to it?
Who is responsible for this shoddy surgical treatment?
Who’s going to pay for this horrible mistake?
How much, and how long will I have to endure this additional pain and suffering caused by someone else’s carelessness?
Can I be reimbursed for the time I’m losing at work because of this malpractice?
Does this medical professional also owe my family for their pain and hardship?
Did this surgeon or anesthesiologist kill my loved one?
Do I need an experienced medical malpractice lawyer to help me?
Is there anything I can do to make sure this tragedy won’t happen to someone else?
These questions and more are all very reasonable ones that you and anyone else who suspects medical malpractice always ask us. Many times the answers are very hard to come by unless you have the assistance of an experienced medical malpractice attorney.

This is why the veteran medical malpractice lawyers and the investigative team at our Texas Law Office can get to the bottom of things. We work closely with third-party medical experts to scrutinize your malpractice claim and aggressively pursue the forensic trail that clearly reveals every surgical professional who harmed you. With our assistance, you will find the answers to these questions, while we work diligently in order for you to receive the fairest compensation for your damages from your unwarranted malpractice injuries, pain, and suffering.medical malpractice

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